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catnapqueen replied to your post:I honestly dont think college is for me rt now…

From experience it’s a LOT more stressful at the start, it gets a little better once you do stuff. But also; getting a job helped me a lot with the stress and anxiety so maybe focus on that for awhile before hand and get some savings too?

yeah, im actually going on my second year of college and stuff so like im okay with everything but not the hassle and annoyance of all the stuff like “oh there must be something wrong with your fasfa bc you said income is $0” when, no, thats not wrong, we broke and have no source of money (at the time anyway) I also dont know if  ill even still be living in the state by the time spring semester starts, so thats also a concern at this point.

I could only wish it was that easy to get a job weeps. I’ve been trying for two years and have already applied to all the places i can around here, most more than once and nada :( my only income rly now is what I get from babysitting occasionally.

 # life is hard its not fair,   # esp with anxiety about jobs,   # and calling people back to ask about things,   # and interviews,   # advice is much appreciated tho man,   # srs

and what makes it even harder is the fact that i really dont want to have to broadcast to everyone and their mother that i had to drop out from all my classes basically bc i couldnt even afford the one dollar for parking let alone gas to travel to and from school

I honestly dont think college is for me rt now like no nope i cant even do it

every single time i go to figure out what i have to do to get everything in order again i just get so stressed and cry

this fucking shit is not worth over my mental heath atm

i cant even deal with any of this adult stuff

 # if i just had a job maybe i wouldnt feel like a piece of worthless shit
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and yet that makes another “thanks but no thanks” for a job application

I must b e rly unlikeable

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How To Draw Better In 2 Minutes

I expected this to be a troll video about sacrificing your soul in exchange for art skills or something but this was actually very informative.

(via kurrito)

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ack my Utena art made it around again today y dis

 # its so lame omfg

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Gargantia on the  Verdurous Planet is a great anime,

100/10 would recommend for anyone

and its only 13 episodes!

(unfortunate -sobbing noises at everything-)